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  1. Larry: From the on why it is unsafe to have opposing views on campus.A 2010 survey by the American Association of Colleges and Universities found that of 24,000 college students, only 35.6% strongly agreed that “it is safe to hold unpopular views on campus.” When the question was asked of 9,000 campus prh€assionelsâf”woo are more familiar with the enforcement end of the censorship rules—only 18.8% strongly agreed.This is part of the reason Conservative decide not to join the Jesuits, er professors of academia.Reply

  2. Ne že by se mi 8000 za den nelíbilo ale buďme trochu realisti . Můj prapůvodní cíl byl 5000 denně měsíčně do konce tohoto roku. No a to jsem už nějak přešvihl. Takže můj nový cíl je 20000 denně měsíčně do konce roku. A pak se uvidí.Chci stále růst ale udržet toto tempo mi nepříjde příliš reálné .Plugin jsem nainstaloval ale nechtělo se mi nějak hrát se šablonama a vůbec s ničím, takže je ve výchozím stavu. Ale měl by snad fungovat

  3. NÃ¥ har jeg tÃ¥rer i øynene! SÃ¥ fint, godt og samtidig trist Ã¥ savne de vi har vært sÃ¥ inderlig glade i… Men sÃ¥ godt Ã¥ stoppe opp og tenke pÃ¥ alle de gode minnene… sÃ¥ heldige vi er som har noen vi savner, noen som har betydd noe for oss, gitt av seg selv…HÃ¥per det gÃ¥r bra med tøffingen pÃ¥ sykehus… HÃ¥per du fÃ¥r den beste romjula!Klem, Kristin

  4. gee david, you sound like somewhat of a specialist on the ambassador’s family. what a coincidence you just happen to be a poster here.. In Shapiro, one sees it coming all together in what I’m sure is a quite “pleasant” and diplomatic (no pun intended) human being, who is also a hell of a climber. The point is, it no longer works to be a Zionist and pleasant. But in the world that Shapiro and many like him live, there is no one to help him figure that out.bummer

  5. Здравствуйте Александр, помогите плиз, пыталась настроить себе выпадающее меню через плагин, в результате вся панель управления исчезла, и тем самым доступ к сайту, осталась одна шапка. Благо сайт совсем новый и информации на нем еще никакой нет. Что делать? Я еще совсем чайник в этих делах!

  6. s2: Relax. Ingat sa mga pinagsasabi, at next time, pakireview ng comments mo, bago mo ipost. Mas nagmuka ka kasing BOBO sa comment mo. Dami mong sinasabi e obvious naman na wala kang alam sa , sa , video chat, ‘bagong os’ at lalo na sa ‘Software Engineering’. lol

  7. The code appears to use document.write() and is otherwise NOT XHTML compliant.Any chance Google will change the code to use the DOM compiant document.createElement() instead? If you need help, talk to the Google Analytics team, they seemed to have figured out how to do it.

  8. The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

  9. Who has fairy dusts which lets you fly,Who sprinkles glitters so that you don’t cry,And by night usually,Changes tooth for pennies,None other than Mary the Fairy.Who blooms flowers come morning,Who sang songs so very endearing,Best friends with Tinker Bell,And also Anabelle,None other than Mary the Fairy.

  10. Οι δανειστές τουλάχιστον δανείζουν. Είδατε και τα “τοκογλυφικά” επιτόκια…Αλήθεια, τα ημεδαπά λιπαρά πορτοφόλια (σε Ελβετικές ή άλλες “λίστες”, ή και εκτός λιστών), τι έδωσαν στη χώρα;Χτυπήματα μόνον.Το δημόσιο χρέος που “πλακώνει” πολλούς είναι ο ιδιωτικός πλούτος λίγων.

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog. How in the world did you find it, perhaps by searching for flint hills, or what. I LOVE the flint hills of Kansas, so does my husband. While driving from Colorado I anxiously anticipate seeing the first change in the countryside. I love those rolling hills and always have the desire to mount up and gallop across them (not that I can do that anymore). Then driving back across, I feel the same way. I love your site and will visit again. We went through Independence but we were a week or so early.

  12. Hey Germaine- Great question. I’ll have the sleeve pages up by the end of the week, and I’ll try to slip the raw drafts into my scanning work this week so I can simply make them available as a pdf “mod”. It is indeed a simple extension; this will result in a continuous seam down the length of the arm. The other option is to eliminate that seam for a more trapezoidal sleeve shape. Either will work, and I’d be glad to know which one everyone prefers…

  13. Looks MAGNIFICENT drooling from here..have yet to try anything from the September issue..My J is the same, probably worst coz he's in IT, so instead of printing out the recipe he would run to the computer each time he forgets a line of the recipe and the computer is in the study separate from the kitchen. I will steer clear of the whole running back and forth, If I stay in the kitchen I might start nagging….(quite comical to watch)

  14. пишет:у меня бекапы хранят на другом сервере( даже в другой стране) может у вас так же сохранилисьVA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

  15. Ik denk dat deze kwestie wat verder gaat.De journaliste (laura) was met haar Twitter activiteiten een belangrijk zendkanaal geworden voor de BBC. Met haar Tweets, die zij tijdens werktijd verstuurde, zorgde zij voor veel traffic naar de website van de BBC.Met haar Twitteraccount werd zij daarmee een belangrijke asset voor de BBC. Stel dat jij de BBC was, hoe had je dit dan het beste kunnen voorkomen of aanpakken?

  16. Les pièces actuelles qui ont une finesse de 999/1000 sont bien sûr plus fragiles que les pièces en 900/1000 mais ces pièces ne sont pas fait pour circuler mais pour investir dans l’or physique et sont à conserver sous capsule contrairement aux anciennes pièces qui servaient de monnaies d’échange et passaient de mains en mains.Mais elles ne sont tout de même pas déformable à la main (à moins d’être très très fort)

  17. 24. ledna 2012 22:23Tím, že se stal ministrem, tak přejal plnou politickou odpovědnost. Měl udělat hloubkový audit a vše veřejně prezentovat. Ale to by odsoudil vládu Topolánka a to se mu zřejmě v té době nechtělo. Tím se tento problém stal problémem Dobeše a tím pádem nemá cenu toto komentovat.

  18. Bueno elegir lo que se llama elegir pues creo que sólo va a ser a través de la inseminación in vitro….esto es mas de “predecir”….ya ves tú, los mayas predijeron el fin del mundo y aquí andamos…así que a saber…pero al menos ¡me tocó niña! un besote desmadroso

  19. I responded yesterday but the post went poof. When I first posted the link(s) in my long post that was waiting a few days ago now, the newest article wasn’t uploaded to his site yet. After I split it and it was posted, I checked the link. Holy Jebus giving the finger! Was I surprised? Yes. Did I care for it? No. My first thought was, WTH? Who is Jebus fingering? So yeah, it weirded me out too.

  20. Sono perfettamente d’accordo. Sostengo e sosterrò sempre questo slogan: SI’ ALLE QUOTE ROSA! VIVA LE QUOTE ROSA IN ALTOFORNO, IN MINIERA, IN TRINCEA (purché sia prima linea). IO non voglio, io PRETENDO che prima o poi le donne vadano in massa ad asfaltare le strade, a respirare antracite e a strisciare nel fango con un fucile in mano, altro che segretarie d’azienda.

  21. Sorry guys for the rant, 5Branden5 thought he could send inboxed bullshit to me and think i’ll just let it slide…. So I had to call em’ out- sorry for my brief bout of immaturity. But sometimes you gotta fight immaturity with immaturity. I watch all of Bobbya1984′s videos, to say he is a camper would be a total lie. I hate when people attempt to make others? look bad when they are just “hatin’” because their performance is at a sub par level.

  22. Sedat, seninle anlaÅŸtığımız için gözümüz arkada kalmayacağına inanıyorum vermiÅŸ olduÄŸun fikirlerle tecrübeni bizimle paylaÅŸtığın için çok teÅŸekkür ederiz. Yapacağın konsepti bize bildirmeni sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz. 🙂

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  25. P-P-P-Peggy!From Mad Men. Great scenes.Also, hope they e-x-p-a-n-d Carla's role beyond Draper household (what's left of it).Loved the "strike out on our own" theme of final episode. Resonates for some reason, I wonder why that is?C'mon Carla, strike out on your own. Seems like great narrative possibilities there. Mad Men writers, I hope you too follow NB's blog, so you can follow my advice.

  26. An attention-grabbing dialogue is value comment. I’m confident that its far better to write on this subject, towards the often be a taboo topic but typically persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To one more location. Cheers

  27. what it says. The Second Amendment says two things at once – hence the ambiguity in interpretation.)Like I said, I’m just thinking onscreen here. No expectation that any of this will ever happen.Sorry for being so long-winded. Interesting discussion.

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